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Indonesian Court Acquits Ex-Official Accused of Enslaving Addicts

The ex-regent had been accused of imprisoning hundreds of people under the guise of drug treatment and forcing them to work at his plantation and factory. A former official accused of imprisoning and enslaving 656 people on his estate in Indonesia under the guise of drug rehabilitation has been acquitted on charges of human trafficking, […]

Boeing se declara culpable de fraude por 2 accidentes del 737 Max

La compañía aceptó pagar una multa de casi 500 millones de dólares y fortalecer sus programas de seguridad como parte de un acuerdo con el Departamento de Justicia por los accidentes mortales del 737 Max en 2018 y 2019. [Estamos en WhatsApp. Empieza a seguirnos ahora] El domingo, Boeing acordó declararse culpable de un cargo […]

Boeing Agrees to Plead Guilty to Felony Charge Over 737 Max Crashes

As part of the deal, stemming from fatal 737 Max crashes in 2018 and 2019, the company agreed to pay a fine of nearly half a billion dollars and strengthen its safety programs. Boeing agreed on Sunday to plead guilty to a felony charge of conspiring to defraud the federal government over two fatal crashes […]

Seafaring Nomads Settle Down Without Quite Embracing Life on Land

Leaving her hut that hovered on stilts above crystal blue water, Zausiyah got into her boat at sunrise and rowed out to sea, looking down into the clear water for fish. When she found a choice spot, she stored her paddle, baited four hooks and tossed her line down into the deep waters of the […]